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Why Plan?

An army will not go to war without a clear plan of how it was going to play out – and the same goes for a professional football team. They spend time studying their opposition, evaluating their tactics and taking precautions to address certain aspects they will face. Even in the office there will likely to be a battle plan in the form of a business strategy. There are times when we need to stop everything we’re doing to focus on fighting fires, but this shouldn’t be the norm. There are probably two reasons why people find themselves running around like headless chickens, first is because they feel uncomfortable denying a request to get something done, and the second is because they simply didn’t plan their time properly.

Why is it that, as part of an army or a football team, we know exactly what to do and when, but when it comes to being in the office we seem completely incapable of proper planning? The truth is that it takes time, and when we already feel hassled and busy, the last thing left is time. However, by getting into a good habit of spending a little time on planning, we can save a lot of time at the other end and allowing us to spend it on the tasks, which really matter.

Making Monthly Planners More Effective

People often over-complicate their goals and then end up dropping their goals because they feel too overwhelmed. We can have the biggest goal in the world and still keep it simple. Breaking our goals down into smaller goals really helps with this.

The monthly planner is a way for us to see what we're doing and how we progress our task and events and if it’s in the right track according to our long-term goals. Monthly planners can be more effective if we develop discipline within ourselve. Keeping this routine for at least a month, it’s very likely to become a healthy habit which we will never let go of again. This is also an important time to look at the key areas and find out where to focus for the next month.

Why should we use monthly planners for tasks and events?

See The "Big Picture".

Utilizing a planner for the month will save our time and trouble as we don’t have to miss those important dates and events. Since we can see ahead the important appointments and other events, we'll be able to adjust ahead and we can re-schedule some of the things that we do. It can help us keeping track of all tasks and events of the month and how they flow together making it easier for us to create the kind of good work attitude.

Through the monthly planners we can simplify the way we do things as we learn to distribute our activities and priorities properly. We can utilize this so we can increase productivity on anything we do in life and it will lessen our encounters with stress and procrastination which can waste our time.

There are many things we can do to make the most out of monthly planners and it is important for every effective leader to get organized for getting things done in order to accomplish our goals. A monthly planner is effective if it serves its purpose well and help us avoiding certain mistakes such as missing some of the responsibilities we have to take. It would be best to prioritize our tasks accordingly, so we could schedule them in sequence then to make sure that we finish each task accordingly. This will help us not to miss out something or getting tasks piled-up on a future date.

i3Teamworks Monthly Planner

Using i3TeamWorks Monthly Planner, you can set your plan to achieve your personal goal according to focus area that has been set by your superior. The plan can be linked to Task, Sales Pipeline, Visitations, Telemarketing Calls, New Customer and many other.

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Is YOUR business ready to take technology advantage in these new norm?

Public health experts and biologists say it is important for employers to find ways to protect workers during the pandemic. Many of these essential employers have started checking workers' temperatures, in effort to ensure that workers with symptoms of the disease do not infect their coworkers. Best Practice is to use equipment that requires no direct contact between the temperature taker and the employees. Scanners that can measure temperature remotely are ideal. 

Our Fever Detection (Type 4 and 4a) is a contactless body temperature measuring system with fever detection warning and ability to record staff attendance through facial recognition. The attendance report can then be presented to the management in real time. With a simple color-coded calendar interface, you can see who is coming in and out easily. It is also equipped with Visitor Management, which you are able to have visitor’s information in real time, track and categorize your visitor accordingly, from vendor, suppliers, clients etc, and link visitor to staff for contact tracing. 

With our online i3Teamworks HR Management System, employees can also work anytime anywhere remotely by clocking in and clocking out with their mobile phone! Easily implement flexible working hours, or giving your employees the option to work from home.

They can also apply for leave easily via mobile phone or PC from anywhere, including submitting supporting documents such as medical certificates. The request will flow seamlessly to Management and/or the HR Department for either approval or rejection, which can be done instantaneously!

Automate Your Business & Go Paperless!
Human Resource Management
  • Staff Bio Data Management
  • Attendance & Clock In/Out
  • Staff Leave Management
  • Staff Training Management
  • Staff Memo Management
  • Staff Role & Responsibility Maintenance

With i3TeamWorks Attendance and Leave Management System, you can call up valuable analytics and intelligence, predict productivity of employees and deal with compliance issues better.

It’s the PERFECT solution for companies with multiple work locations or branches!

i3TeamWorks enables you to login from any device, anywhere at any time, and no investment in hardware or hosting is needed. 

Business Information Management
  • Visitor Management
  • News & Announcements
  • Corporate Calendar & Event Discussion
  • Knowledge Base & Forum
  • Company General Memo
  • Internal Messaging
  • User & Device Management
  • User Security Control
  • Social Media Chat Notification
Benefits :
  • Manage HR with cloud-based daily attendance, online leave management & leave application and approval/rejection.
  • Implementation of flexible working hours and employees don't have to come to the office every working day.
  • Automate multi-level approval processes in your organization to get things done quickly.
  • An inter-company private communication platform for the workforce that ensures nothing is missed out.
  • Able to track and categorize your visitor accordingly, from vendor, suppliers, clients etc, and link to staff for contact tracing.
  • Valuable reports and analytics, predict productivity of employees and deal with compliance issues better.
  • i3TeamWorks enables you to login from any device, anywhere at any time, and no investment in hardware or hosting is needed.
And lots more!

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i3TeamWorks Cloud Service  – Sales Culture

Most of organisations will have existing Policy, and from time to time, there will be new items added. Also some changes will also take place.

An employee handbook may include common workplace policies like a business’s office hours, details regarding earning and paid time off, acceptable attire, and standards on technology use. But, as many employers eventually realize, the mere presence of a policy does not mean employees will follow it.

i3TeamWorks is designed as a tool to help businesses to cultivate companywide culture and instil these discipline into every aspect of the business. A value system which all staff force will appreciate over times.

As such, to instil the culture, business will need clear policy in every aspect of the business. And only via these Policy, then all work force will understand the company expectation.

Why It’s Important to Enforce Your Sales Policies

Although your salesforce may not intentionally breach the sales policies, failure to comply with them may have an effect on efficiency, culture, health in the workplace and eventually the ultimate result.

Salesforce may be more likely to adopt rules when they understand their purpose and are not meant to be a form of control or punishment. For example, keep reminding the salesforce about the policies around working hours exist, as each team members play a significant role in the success of a business.

Salesforce policies must be consistently followed to minimize exposure to discrimination as well as becoming a part of the culture of a workforce. Policies can't be applicable to one employee, changed for another, or referred to specific situations only. To achieve this level of consistency, employers, managers and executives all have to uphold the same commitment to workplace enforcement policies.

i3Teamworks to Cultivate your Sales Culture, to Enforce Your Sales Policies

i3Teamworks is designed to be user configurable base on one’s need.

Before we implement i3Teamworks Sales Culture, lets us go through different segment of your company current policy  with regards to Sales Management & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and how i3Teamworks can help on the implementation.

Company Policy i3Teamworks Sales Culture Tools

The key to any business , is to build a database of customer and contacts details. New customer build up will ensue that business will grow.

  1. Existing Customer
  2. New Customers
  3. Customer Classifications
  4. Visit Policy
  5. Referrers
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Category – Sub Category
  • Focus Industry
  • Premium Customer
  • Active / No Active
  • Referrer Linkage
Expectation on Sales Staff

Sales staff are the person between customers and company they work for.  The daily jobs is to visit and make calls to customers. Feedback to company all relevant info after that. As such, what they have to perform daily in order for them such as

  1. Visitation to existing customers
  2. Telemarketing & Care calls
  3. New customers prospecting for future sales
  4. Customers feedback
  5. Visit and Call scheduling
  • Visitation Check in/out
  • Live Feedback update
  • Telemarketing
Sales Lead Generations

In order for business to grow, all potential sales leads must be maintained so that management can have a view of the potential of product and services.. For example,

  • Which sales staff handle which industry?
  • Any direct marketing can be done by company to boost enquiries?
  • Focus Industry
  • Premium Customers
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing Campaign
Sales Lead / Sales Pipe Management

To know the potential sales target at any time for any sales staff, and for their superior to jump in to coach, so that no potential is lost. From here the manger can monitor the sales pipeline handling processes.

  • Manager Focus
  • Sales pipeline
Performer & Non-Performer Appraisal

To groom a good Salesperson take times, and beside using their sales revenue, which other area that one feel will be needed., eg

  • Expectation of Update by Sales Staff.
  • How does Salesperson knows that he/she has met the management expectation.
  • Periodic Appraisal.
  • Score Card
  • SLAM Report
  • Employee Assessment
Coaching & Training

In order to grow each salesperson to their fullest potential, company need to set aside time for Coaching as well as Training.  And also point out what they need to improve on.

  • SLAM Report
  • Employee Assessment

Above is the major aspect which i3Teamworks has ready tools to help in enforcing your current policies, and once implemented, the business will grow base on these solid foundation. Beside the above policy, other aspect as such renumerations, compensation scheme, recruitment and selection policies will works toward providing the best motivation for sales force.

Once i3Teamworks is implemented, the next issue is for the Management to determine the consequence of non-compliance.. Generally , there are 4 type of salesperson

  1. Good Performer & Comply with Policy
  2. Good Performer but don’t Comply
  3. Non Performer & Don’t Comply
  4. Non Performer but Comply

It is up to management to decide the assistance and also penalty for those in (2), (3) & (4). These considerations may help employees understand what's expected of them, and understand why their adherence to policies is essential.

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“What’s the best way to build a brand for the long term? In a word: culture.”
Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos.com, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose
Building a sales team is the key to a successful business. Essential to this sales team is a culture that encourages performance and results. The Sales Culture module of i3TeamWorks is the perfect tool to help you build a sales team that is not only profitable, but possesses a healthy and happy culture ingrained within it.

As in Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness, it is important to hire sales employees who possess a similar culture to begin with. What i3TeamWorks can do is to manage your expectations of each new employee, and identify those that will help to cultivate and maintain the correct sales culture.

Firstly, the four topics below have to be managed effectively to boost sales revenue.
  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  2. Managing Opportunities
  3. Making New Sales
  4. Sales Campaigns & Social Media Marketing
So, how can a sales team make use of i3TeamWorks to handle the above efficiently?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
It goes without saying that customers are important. To manage these customers effectively, i3TeamWorks incorporates a fully-fledged customer database system, which is not only detailed, but easily customizable by the user to incorporate even more fields to satisfy the user’s needs.
  1. Headquarters, branches, and even subsidiaries.
  2. Beside standard built-in filters such as Category and Sub-Category, etc., it also has 10 user-defined variable sorting/filtering fields.  
Salespersons daily activities revolve around their customers. With i3TeamWorks, their activities will be logged and attached to the respective customer. For example, they can use the Check In/Out function to log their visitation/meeting, and its results. Telemarketing can be done directly from the system too, and records updated automatically. All this information is just a mouse-click away.
They can use the Check In/Out function to log their visitation/meeting.
The benefits of this pro-active action are:
  1. Making sure that customers are well taken care of, as analysis reports are able to show the last visit and last call to the customer.
  2. Making sure that the sale team has covered all key customers within a certain industry.
Repeat sales are a major contributor to any business, and it is important to ensure that the momentum is maintained, or even accelerated. i3TeamWorks can assist as you are able to set targets for customer visitations, ensuring that no customers are neglected.
With all information maintained with the i3TeamWorks data-base, all customer information is transparent.
In the unfortunate case of a salesperson’s resignation, their customers can then be assigned to another salesperson, or seamlessly transferred to a new salesperson.
These are all attributes of good CRM, and i3TeamWorks will be your crucial information partner.
Managing Opportunities
Sales opportunities come from various avenues, such as email, social media, phone calls, your website, and also referrals. The person you entrust and assign to handle these opportunities is crucial to have a high chance of closing a sale. Any mishandling or negligence by a salesperson will create unhappy customers, and even create a highly dam-aging bad reputation. This is irrespective of the ef-fort you put into any marketing or branding exercise.
I3TeamWorks sales pipe function tracks these opportunities via the salesperson’s smartphone, in the field, in real time. All information is related back to i3TeamWorks, and progress is monitored by the system. Again, any activities carry out in relation to these sales pipes are simultaneously updated in the database.
Just imagine if a salesperson is able to retrieve live information when meeting customers, such as the telemarketing conversation history, visitation/meeting history, office GPS location, etc.
This would project a highly professional im-age to the customer, and lets them know that the company cares.
Analytical reports to have a clear view of sales leads and their status are readily available, some samples of which are shown below:
i3Teamworks Sales Pipeline Analysis
The diagram shows the summary of leads according to the timeline & rate. The bigger the bubble explain the higher value of the leads. Each colour represent each sales progress.
The Manager Focus feature provides a way for salespersons to highlight sales leads that possess specific criterion for a higher chance of success. Their superiors are able to review these, and support their salespersons accordingly. Sales forecasts will also be more accurate, as leads with a low chance of success may be excluded.
Customer acquisition is time consuming and expensive, and should not be wasted. i3TeamWorks doesn’t only take care of old customers very comprehensively; it also allows the tracking of referrals, therefore leveraging your original acquisition cost. Salespersons can be reminded to follow-up on these referrals, and it will invariably lead to increased sales.
Making New Sales
For businesses to thrive and grow, there is always a need to expand product lines and acquire new customers. For a salesperson, it is even truer, as to have consistent sales, one cannot simply rely on a handful of old customers. In addition to any existing marketing campaigns, the sales team should be tasked to make additional new sales in the field.
i3TeamWorks will assist your salespersons in doing so. Analytical reports will show each salesperson’s behavior, and whether or not they are proactively acquiring new customers. With the ability to set targets for visitations and telemarketing calls, an Activities KPI can also be set. A salesperson’s claims can now be validated with supporting evidence.
Another important function is the Score Cards for each salesperson to submit before they clock out of work everyday. This will encourage salespersons to develop a culture of new customer acquisition. A comprehensive Appraisal Report based on these Score Cards, which will provide a detailed insight into how a salesperson performs his or her duties.

With all these functions within i3TeamWorks, the proper implementation will inevitably result in an effective sales culture being developed, resulting in increased sales revenue.
i3Teamworks Telemarketing Analysis
The diagram shows the pattern and behaviour of the sales person in making call to the customer.
Campaign & Social Media Marketing
There are many branding and marketing methodologies available, encompassing traditional advertising (print media, billboards, etc.), to digital marketing, such as social media, websites, and email. Which is more effective in generating sales leads? i3TeamWorks is able to help you analyze over a period of time what works the best, and your company’s marketing dollar can then be deployed in a less wasteful manner.
To do this, the Campaign Manager will manage and track your campaigns. Beginning with the creation of material, all the way to publication, i3TeamWorks can even manage execution using SMS and email, or popular instant messaging apps like Line and Telegram. Existing customers may also be looped in to maintain awareness and be updated with the latest developments and/or promotions. 
Effective use of this function together with the available CRM functions will ensure consistent sales lead generations on a regular basis.
All the above features and functions (and more) are ready to be used the moment your i3TeamWorks with Sales Culture module subscription is activated. If the functions are initially overwhelming, being modular, you may choose to implement specific functions at your own pace.
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