Posted by i3Teamworks Team on 27 Feb 2020

Managing your workforce is now easy with i3TeamWorks! 

Instant messaging (WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.) has taken over the world and become an indispensable business too. Email has now become the snail mail of yesteryear.

With instant messaging platforms, people’s expectations have risen, and fast responses are necessary to keep up. This puts a lot of pressure on organisations and their staff to adapt themselves to these challenges.

Also, most new offices promote an “open office”, where staff do not have a permanent desk, which saves space, and workers do not need to be in the office all the time. Fast and stable mobile communications also facilitates this concept.

Is YOUR business ready to take advantage?

For businesses that have employees working remotely, a reliable platform is required to promote transparency, collaboration, and group communication. i3TeamWorks is here to help you!

i3TeamWorks consists of 4 modules that facilitate internal and remote working!

  • Foundation Module
  • Office Culture
  • Work Culture
  • Sales Culture

Use as many or as little as you need!


  1. Manage HR with cloud-based daily attendance, online leave management & leave  application and approval/rejection.
  2. Implementation of flexible working hours and employees don't have to come to the office every working day. 
  3. Instil good work cultures amongst the workforce with better workflow that cuts down tedious tracking and friction.
  4. Automate multi-level approval processes in your organization to get things done quickly. 
  5. Instil good sales policies to grow the salesforce and ensure that each customer is well taken care of.
  6. Provide online sales tools to sales force and ability to work anytime at anywhere.
  7. An inter-company private communication platform for the workforce that ensures nothing is missed out.
  8. Valuable reports and analytics, predict productivity of employees and deal with compliance issues better.
  9. i3TeamWorks enables you to login from any device, anywhere at any time, and no investment in hardware or hosting is needed.

And lots more!

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FREE TRAINING is available. We will support you by helping you to setup and start using i3TeamWorks. You can reach us for any issues or questions at any time.