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Organize Your Work Efficiently!

Managing a business is difficult, and there are many aspects that need to be planned, monitored, and executed. Prompt completion of tasks is crucial in order to satisfy customer’s needs and provide timely services. Fulfillment of deliverables are important in the long term, not only to ensure customers return to provide repeat business, but also that your bottom line is protected.
We have good news for you.

You can now manage all your company’s work from anywhere, at any time. All you need is a smartphone, and you will be able to know what is happening, even if you’re overseas on a trip, or working in the field. i3TeamWorks Works Culture Modules is not only designed to take care of all work-related tasks, but to nurture a productive work culture within the company.
And best of all... i3TeamWorks Office Culture Modules included for free!
For example, a small company comprising 5 staff can easily be managed for just RM60 per month, with no additional costs. You do not have to worry about hardware or other expenses. Simply sign up with us, and your company will have its own intranet portal, ready and able to take on your HR duties.
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Modular design.
Select what you want to use.
i3TeamWorks is a highly powerful tool, and as such, you can pick and choose what you wish to implement to steadily build the company culture that works for you.

You Can Implement for Your Business at You Own Pace.
What is "Works"?
All staff have their tasks that they need to accomplish to take care of certain aspects of the business, and each member of staff will have their own priorities. The end-result is to achieve certain goals tha satisfies the customers and makes the company profitable.

With multiple staff, the tasks will then require coordination, so that a group of staff are able to collaborate in an effective manner to achieve a common goal. These tasks may be required to be performed in a sequential manner, or concurrently. 

Organizing all this work can be potentially quite daunting, as different staff may have their own ideas as to how something is done. This is where i3TeamWorks become handy. Tasks can be coordinated and prioritized in a manner that aligns everyone’s perceptions to get things done smoothly and quickly, which every company wants!
Now, everyone in your business can have their own personal task managers
i3TeamWorks allows any staff to key in their task list anytime anywhere from a range of devices. Tasks can also be assigned and delegated to other staff in a transparent manner. At the same time, any information relevant to the task can be shared amongs concerned personnel.

As a result, staff can easily understand what is expected of them.

Task lists are presented upon signing in, and it is easy for staff to review and update accordingly, either providing comments, asking for assistance, marking the task as completed, or even assign the task to someone better equipped to complete it. i3TeamWorks will keep track of all these tasks, and automatically send reminders each day when the staff logs in.
Where is Works derives from ?
In a normal day, works are generated from all sorts of commitments by managers and also whole host of inter related activities.. Namely before is where works is generated.

Internal or External Meetings
Meetings are a common way to plan for and get things done. These may be internal meetings, or business meetings with clients. Within i3TeamWorks, there is a full module dedicated to meetings, to ensure that they are effective and productive. You can invite and manage attendees to which the systems will automatically handle invitations, and also create an agenda.

No More Needs for Secretary to Update Minutes of Meeting

During the meeting, items on the agenda are discussed, and whatever decisions are made. Any follow up tasks are updated to the system, and therefore everyone is clear on what they have to do after the meeting. i3TeamWorks will automatically generate the minutes for all attendees to refer to. These tasks are also assigned to the relevant person, and as mentioned above, the system will automatically remind them at each login of outstanding tasks.
All the relevant information can then be retrieved anytime during subsequent meetings, or even monitored in real time.

Say goodbye to repetitive meetings, as i3TeamWorks creates a coherent workspace for all parties!
Business Plan

No more execution complaints. Resolve issues quickly.

Managers are responsible for insightful and productive planning, making use of the expertise with which they acquired their “manager” title. The Business Plan function within i3TeamWorks will assist them in this. Once goals are identified and defined, the tasks necessary to achieve those goals are assigned, and these tasks can then be effectively monitored and tracked.

Tasks are broken down to make them easily manageable, and comprehensive monitoring tools are available to help oversee their execution, as well as to track in real-time whether or not they are being completed in a timely manner. As such, any obstacles can easily be identified and brought to the attention of all associated staff so that it may easily be resolved, instead of the incurring delays, or worse still, the task becoming a permanent obstacle.
Project Management

A better view of project status.

Businesses will always embark on projects. The Project function within i3TeamWorks has the ability for you to plan them properly. Milestones are identified, and the means with which to achieve these milestones are translated into tasks, which are subsequently assigned to the staff force. With cearl and precise timelines associated to these tasks, an accurate view of the project is available at any time.
Field Work

See in real-time the status of work to be carried out.

Staff who have to be out in the field, such as delivery staff or technicians, are also able to benefit from what i3TeamWorks has to offer. Such field staff will have a dashboard whereby they can view all the field work assigned to them. Upon arriving at the designated location, they simply click on and update the tasks as and when they are completed.

The system will record their GPS location, and the time of the update. Managers will be able to see the workers live on a single map, within which you may view the completion status of the work that has been assigned.
Work Flow

Moving from one stage from one staff to another stage handled by another staff.

Companies often have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and standardized forms to be filled in and handed over to subsequent staff until completion. Manual tracking of such procedures is prone to error and inaccuracies. i3TeamWorks is here assist in eliminating such errors. Using the Work Flow function, each step of the procedure is clearly defined. Each member of staff updates each work stage accordingly. The process flows naturally from one stage to another, and each staff is reminded when it’s their turn to complete the relevant task. With automated alerts and tracking, mistakes will be avoided, which will translate into efficiency and ultimately, profitability.

Scheduled Work
Apart from tasks assigned on an individual basis, there are many instances whereby a member of staff has regularly scheduled tasks and deliverables on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Often, these tasks are overlooked and delayed. Sometimes, these tasks are crucial or mission critical, such as data backup or mechanical maintenance. If overlooked, the consequences could be potentially disastrous.

In i3TeamWorks, managers are able to define and lay out scheduled tasks in a detailed manner, so that not only are they completed on time, but they are completed properly. Sub-tasks are automatically generated and assigned to staff with related reminders, and this will go a long way to prevent any untoward incidents arising from uncompleted tasks.
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Tools for Managers
Cultivate a company’s culture takes time, and coaching is necessary to ensure successful adoption. To help managers, i3TeamWorks incorporates various tools to ensure that managers can use to accurately delegate and monitor to their staff. As the subordinate is clear about what is required of them, it is easier to implement a company culture, and ingrain it.

If the subordinate doesn’t really understand his/her role and performs inaccurately, it is common for grievances and misunderstandings to arise, leaving staff disillusioned and demoralized. To avoid such waste of human resources, the following may be implemented:

Alert Notifications can be sent via Telegram, LINE, or WeChat
Guidance Mode
This allows managers to set the threshold whereby certain functions are inaccessible to users if work status isn’t updated. The system will only become fully operational again after all pending updates are cleared.
Score Cards
Manager can decide that some specialized staff be required to submit daily Score Cards before they clock out from work. This acts as a simple daily report to their superior of what is happening. Managers can also set achievement targets for each staff, and the staff will have to complete them before they clock off.
KPI & Appraisal
Clearly defined goals make it easier for staff to attain them. Managers can define such KPIs for staff or even entire departments. These KPIs will be tracked system wide.

One is paid for work done, and not for time spent.

Managing a business isn’t easy, and the associated human resource management complicates matters further. i3TeamWorks is here to help businesses better manage these difficult aspects, and more! 

Now, with clear and precise views, a manager can easily identify who the performers are. This information is transparent to all. There is no more need to overload some staff and to let others get away with sub-standard work. Based on this, we can truly embody the power of the thought that one is paid for work done, and not time spent. 

Now, new hiring requirements can be judged on actual supporting data instead of guesswork!
All these features above only costs RM12 per staff! Don’t delay. Call for a demonstration now!
Note: *This is based on per user per month.
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