Posted by i3Teamworks Team on 7 Oct 2020

Why Plan?

An army will not go to war without a clear plan of how it was going to play out – and the same goes for a professional football team. They spend time studying their opposition, evaluating their tactics and taking precautions to address certain aspects they will face. Even in the office there will likely to be a battle plan in the form of a business strategy. There are times when we need to stop everything we’re doing to focus on fighting fires, but this shouldn’t be the norm. There are probably two reasons why people find themselves running around like headless chickens, first is because they feel uncomfortable denying a request to get something done, and the second is because they simply didn’t plan their time properly.

Why is it that, as part of an army or a football team, we know exactly what to do and when, but when it comes to being in the office we seem completely incapable of proper planning? The truth is that it takes time, and when we already feel hassled and busy, the last thing left is time. However, by getting into a good habit of spending a little time on planning, we can save a lot of time at the other end and allowing us to spend it on the tasks, which really matter.

Making Monthly Planners More Effective

People often over-complicate their goals and then end up dropping their goals because they feel too overwhelmed. We can have the biggest goal in the world and still keep it simple. Breaking our goals down into smaller goals really helps with this.

The monthly planner is a way for us to see what we're doing and how we progress our task and events and if it’s in the right track according to our long-term goals. Monthly planners can be more effective if we develop discipline within ourselve. Keeping this routine for at least a month, it’s very likely to become a healthy habit which we will never let go of again. This is also an important time to look at the key areas and find out where to focus for the next month.

Why should we use monthly planners for tasks and events?

See The "Big Picture".

Utilizing a planner for the month will save our time and trouble as we don’t have to miss those important dates and events. Since we can see ahead the important appointments and other events, we'll be able to adjust ahead and we can re-schedule some of the things that we do. It can help us keeping track of all tasks and events of the month and how they flow together making it easier for us to create the kind of good work attitude.

Through the monthly planners we can simplify the way we do things as we learn to distribute our activities and priorities properly. We can utilize this so we can increase productivity on anything we do in life and it will lessen our encounters with stress and procrastination which can waste our time.

There are many things we can do to make the most out of monthly planners and it is important for every effective leader to get organized for getting things done in order to accomplish our goals. A monthly planner is effective if it serves its purpose well and help us avoiding certain mistakes such as missing some of the responsibilities we have to take. It would be best to prioritize our tasks accordingly, so we could schedule them in sequence then to make sure that we finish each task accordingly. This will help us not to miss out something or getting tasks piled-up on a future date.

i3Teamworks Monthly Planner

Using i3TeamWorks Monthly Planner, you can set your plan to achieve your personal goal according to focus area that has been set by your superior. The plan can be linked to Task, Sales Pipeline, Visitations, Telemarketing Calls, New Customer and many other.

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