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i3TeamWorks Cloud Service  – Sales Culture

Most of organisations will have existing Policy, and from time to time, there will be new items added. Also some changes will also take place.

An employee handbook may include common workplace policies like a business’s office hours, details regarding earning and paid time off, acceptable attire, and standards on technology use. But, as many employers eventually realize, the mere presence of a policy does not mean employees will follow it.

i3TeamWorks is designed as a tool to help businesses to cultivate companywide culture and instil these discipline into every aspect of the business. A value system which all staff force will appreciate over times.

As such, to instil the culture, business will need clear policy in every aspect of the business. And only via these Policy, then all work force will understand the company expectation.

Why It’s Important to Enforce Your Sales Policies

Although your salesforce may not intentionally breach the sales policies, failure to comply with them may have an effect on efficiency, culture, health in the workplace and eventually the ultimate result.

Salesforce may be more likely to adopt rules when they understand their purpose and are not meant to be a form of control or punishment. For example, keep reminding the salesforce about the policies around working hours exist, as each team members play a significant role in the success of a business.

Salesforce policies must be consistently followed to minimize exposure to discrimination as well as becoming a part of the culture of a workforce. Policies can't be applicable to one employee, changed for another, or referred to specific situations only. To achieve this level of consistency, employers, managers and executives all have to uphold the same commitment to workplace enforcement policies.

i3Teamworks to Cultivate your Sales Culture, to Enforce Your Sales Policies

i3Teamworks is designed to be user configurable base on one’s need.

Before we implement i3Teamworks Sales Culture, lets us go through different segment of your company current policy  with regards to Sales Management & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and how i3Teamworks can help on the implementation.

Company Policy i3Teamworks Sales Culture Tools

The key to any business , is to build a database of customer and contacts details. New customer build up will ensue that business will grow.

  1. Existing Customer
  2. New Customers
  3. Customer Classifications
  4. Visit Policy
  5. Referrers
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Category – Sub Category
  • Focus Industry
  • Premium Customer
  • Active / No Active
  • Referrer Linkage
Expectation on Sales Staff

Sales staff are the person between customers and company they work for.  The daily jobs is to visit and make calls to customers. Feedback to company all relevant info after that. As such, what they have to perform daily in order for them such as

  1. Visitation to existing customers
  2. Telemarketing & Care calls
  3. New customers prospecting for future sales
  4. Customers feedback
  5. Visit and Call scheduling
  • Visitation Check in/out
  • Live Feedback update
  • Telemarketing
Sales Lead Generations

In order for business to grow, all potential sales leads must be maintained so that management can have a view of the potential of product and services.. For example,

  • Which sales staff handle which industry?
  • Any direct marketing can be done by company to boost enquiries?
  • Focus Industry
  • Premium Customers
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing Campaign
Sales Lead / Sales Pipe Management

To know the potential sales target at any time for any sales staff, and for their superior to jump in to coach, so that no potential is lost. From here the manger can monitor the sales pipeline handling processes.

  • Manager Focus
  • Sales pipeline
Performer & Non-Performer Appraisal

To groom a good Salesperson take times, and beside using their sales revenue, which other area that one feel will be needed., eg

  • Expectation of Update by Sales Staff.
  • How does Salesperson knows that he/she has met the management expectation.
  • Periodic Appraisal.
  • Score Card
  • SLAM Report
  • Employee Assessment
Coaching & Training

In order to grow each salesperson to their fullest potential, company need to set aside time for Coaching as well as Training.  And also point out what they need to improve on.

  • SLAM Report
  • Employee Assessment

Above is the major aspect which i3Teamworks has ready tools to help in enforcing your current policies, and once implemented, the business will grow base on these solid foundation. Beside the above policy, other aspect as such renumerations, compensation scheme, recruitment and selection policies will works toward providing the best motivation for sales force.

Once i3Teamworks is implemented, the next issue is for the Management to determine the consequence of non-compliance.. Generally , there are 4 type of salesperson

  1. Good Performer & Comply with Policy
  2. Good Performer but don’t Comply
  3. Non Performer & Don’t Comply
  4. Non Performer but Comply

It is up to management to decide the assistance and also penalty for those in (2), (3) & (4). These considerations may help employees understand what's expected of them, and understand why their adherence to policies is essential.

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