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“What’s the best way to build a brand for the long term? In a word: culture.”
Tony Hsieh, CEO, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose
Building a sales team is the key to a successful business. Essential to this sales team is a culture that encourages performance and results. The Sales Culture module of i3TeamWorks is the perfect tool to help you build a sales team that is not only profitable, but possesses a healthy and happy culture ingrained within it.

As in Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness, it is important to hire sales employees who possess a similar culture to begin with. What i3TeamWorks can do is to manage your expectations of each new employee, and identify those that will help to cultivate and maintain the correct sales culture.

Firstly, the four topics below have to be managed effectively to boost sales revenue.
  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  2. Managing Opportunities
  3. Making New Sales
  4. Sales Campaigns & Social Media Marketing
So, how can a sales team make use of i3TeamWorks to handle the above efficiently?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
It goes without saying that customers are important. To manage these customers effectively, i3TeamWorks incorporates a fully-fledged customer database system, which is not only detailed, but easily customizable by the user to incorporate even more fields to satisfy the user’s needs.
  1. Headquarters, branches, and even subsidiaries.
  2. Beside standard built-in filters such as Category and Sub-Category, etc., it also has 10 user-defined variable sorting/filtering fields.  
Salespersons daily activities revolve around their customers. With i3TeamWorks, their activities will be logged and attached to the respective customer. For example, they can use the Check In/Out function to log their visitation/meeting, and its results. Telemarketing can be done directly from the system too, and records updated automatically. All this information is just a mouse-click away.
They can use the Check In/Out function to log their visitation/meeting.
The benefits of this pro-active action are:
  1. Making sure that customers are well taken care of, as analysis reports are able to show the last visit and last call to the customer.
  2. Making sure that the sale team has covered all key customers within a certain industry.
Repeat sales are a major contributor to any business, and it is important to ensure that the momentum is maintained, or even accelerated. i3TeamWorks can assist as you are able to set targets for customer visitations, ensuring that no customers are neglected.
With all information maintained with the i3TeamWorks data-base, all customer information is transparent.
In the unfortunate case of a salesperson’s resignation, their customers can then be assigned to another salesperson, or seamlessly transferred to a new salesperson.
These are all attributes of good CRM, and i3TeamWorks will be your crucial information partner.
Managing Opportunities
Sales opportunities come from various avenues, such as email, social media, phone calls, your website, and also referrals. The person you entrust and assign to handle these opportunities is crucial to have a high chance of closing a sale. Any mishandling or negligence by a salesperson will create unhappy customers, and even create a highly dam-aging bad reputation. This is irrespective of the ef-fort you put into any marketing or branding exercise.
I3TeamWorks sales pipe function tracks these opportunities via the salesperson’s smartphone, in the field, in real time. All information is related back to i3TeamWorks, and progress is monitored by the system. Again, any activities carry out in relation to these sales pipes are simultaneously updated in the database.
Just imagine if a salesperson is able to retrieve live information when meeting customers, such as the telemarketing conversation history, visitation/meeting history, office GPS location, etc.
This would project a highly professional im-age to the customer, and lets them know that the company cares.
Analytical reports to have a clear view of sales leads and their status are readily available, some samples of which are shown below:
The diagram shows the summary of leads according to the timeline & rate. The bigger the bubble explain the higher value of the leads. Each colour represent each sales progress.
The Manager Focus feature provides a way for salespersons to highlight sales leads that possess specific criterion for a higher chance of success. Their superiors are able to review these, and support their salespersons accordingly. Sales forecasts will also be more accurate, as leads with a low chance of success may be excluded.
Customer acquisition is time consuming and expensive, and should not be wasted. i3TeamWorks doesn’t only take care of old customers very comprehensively; it also allows the tracking of referrals, therefore leveraging your original acquisition cost. Salespersons can be reminded to follow-up on these referrals, and it will invariably lead to increased sales.
Making New Sales
For businesses to thrive and grow, there is always a need to expand product lines and acquire new customers. For a salesperson, it is even truer, as to have consistent sales, one cannot simply rely on a handful of old customers. In addition to any existing marketing campaigns, the sales team should be tasked to make additional new sales in the field.
i3TeamWorks will assist your salespersons in doing so. Analytical reports will show each salesperson’s behavior, and whether or not they are proactively acquiring new customers. With the ability to set targets for visitations and telemarketing calls, an Activities KPI can also be set. A salesperson’s claims can now be validated with supporting evidence.
Another important function is the Score Cards for each salesperson to submit before they clock out of work everyday. This will encourage salespersons to develop a culture of new customer acquisition. A comprehensive Appraisal Report based on these Score Cards, which will provide a detailed insight into how a salesperson performs his or her duties.

With all these functions within i3TeamWorks, the proper implementation will inevitably result in an effective sales culture being developed, resulting in increased sales revenue.
The diagram shows the pattern and behaviour of the sales person in making call to the customer.
Campaign & Social Media Marketing
There are many branding and marketing methodologies available, encompassing traditional advertising (print media, billboards, etc.), to digital marketing, such as social media, websites, and email. Which is more effective in generating sales leads? i3TeamWorks is able to help you analyze over a period of time what works the best, and your company’s marketing dollar can then be deployed in a less wasteful manner.
To do this, the Campaign Manager will manage and track your campaigns. Beginning with the creation of material, all the way to publication, i3TeamWorks can even manage execution using SMS and email, or popular instant messaging apps like Line and Telegram. Existing customers may also be looped in to maintain awareness and be updated with the latest developments and/or promotions. 
Effective use of this function together with the available CRM functions will ensure consistent sales lead generations on a regular basis.
All the above features and functions (and more) are ready to be used the moment your i3TeamWorks with Sales Culture module subscription is activated. If the functions are initially overwhelming, being modular, you may choose to implement specific functions at your own pace.
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A System that covers all aspects of business' operational needs!
Ask for Free Demo & Training today. Call us today!
Running a business today is not easy, taking into consideration the mundane work involved in organizing office chores, human resources, accounting, etc.

Let i3TeamWorks take care of that for you, and help ease the workload related to all these chores. Upon signing up i3TeamWorks, you will be allocated an account. You can add staff to the account, and manage them accordingly.
No Investment in Hardware
or Hosting Needed
It is that simple, sign up and you can start to make full use all the functions. No investment in servers, hosting, or any other hardware. Your i3TeamWorks subscription take care of everything. i3TeamWorks ensures that your data is safe and securely encrypted. All backed up in real time too.
Work Anytime Anywhere Transparently
Work across PC/Mac Desktop, tablets or smartphone, which means that users do not need to be in the office to carry out office functions.

Especially for remote office in different states or region, now all information is available with the click of a button, and information is transparent to all.

Full Suit of Functions, but You can Select which Function You want to Use
Built to cover all type of businesses, and as a user, you are able to enable or disable one or some of the functions to implement for your business. Fully user-defined and configurable to suit you.
First and foremost, i3TeamWorks covers the following area in day to day operational needs, namely.
Corporate Work Bench
  • News & Announcements
  • Corporate Calendar & Event Discussion
  • Knowledge Base & Forum
  • Company General Memo
Upon signing up of i3TeamWorks, you will have a login account, where you can decorate the pages with different colours to reflect your corporate image and most importantly, your company logo.

With a suite of functions available for company announcement, etc. Different staff who login will have different information on their dashboard. And also, announcement of Best Wishes for staff birthday on that particular day. Other function such as Company Function & Event will also features prominently on their dashboard.

A electronic discussion form to update latest information, and staff feedback can be added as Topic to the Forum.

All these will go a long way to consolidate and bring your company mission into focus on daily logins.
Human Resource Management
  • Staff Bio Data Management
  • Attendance & Clock In/Out
  • Staff Leave Management
  • Staff Training Management
  • Staff Expense Claims
  • Staff Memo Maintenance
  • Staff Role & Responsibility Maintenance
Human capital is the most important element in any business.  Let i3TeamWorks help you to manage all the staff bio data, their Leave Management, and also Attendance. Most important, to record all the training that has been provided to date to any particular personnel.

Instead of printing hard copy of memorandum to staff, now, you can issue electronic copies, and upon their logins, they will have to acknowledge it electronically.  Read and Acknowledge will ensure delivery of such notices with a receipt confirmation.

Staff can clock in daily using their smartphone.  Employers can set each staff to have fix GPS radius to allow login. For example, for field  staff, to login anywhere at customer location, and for office staff, to login within a 100m radius of office location.

Now, superior can see real time, who is working today or who is on annual leave, emergency or sick leave.  Staff an apply leave on their smartphone, and superior can approved them on their smart phone. All with a few clicks on their smartphone.

System Setting & Control
  • User & Device Management
  • User Security Control
  • Social Media Chat Notification
Company designated Administrator can manage user, and restrict any staff can access their account using 2 or more device for login to their account. This prevent the risk of information access by unknown party. At the same time, user can manage alert  Notification to their own Telegram, LINE or WeChat or email.  Upon receiving the notification, a click on the link on the message, the system will take user directly to the require functions to act upon that. E.g. for Approval Request Notification will take the recipient directly to approval dashboard.
Business Information Management
  • Customer Management
  • Supplier / Vendor Maintenance
  • Consumer Data Maintenance
  • Product SKU Maintenance
Business operation revolves around crucial information and centrally these information, to be shared to relevant & selected staff, can improve information sharing. With strict security, there is no worry that such information is leak.  All information contain herein will be shared to other module of i3TeamWorks such as Sales Culture Modules, Work Culture Modules & Accounting.
Customer Help Desk
Day to day, information flow into a company, and more than likely, the front desk is the first recipient of such messages.  All these information can now be updated live to the Customer Help Desk, and diverted to the correct staff. No more missing of message and the common complaint from customers that some staff did not reply…etc

Email, Phone calls, Facebook or Website feedback can now all channel into one single channel and designated to correct staff and cc to their superior.
Schedule Report Management
Business Operations sometime rely on timely report to be submitted by certain staff force, and manager will have to act on these report. Human mistake can happen whereby at times report is not submitted and opportunity are lost. This function provide a timely reminder to the staff force what is due and their manager expectation.
Budgetary Control
For business to have healthy growth, every expenses must be controlled within a certain limit. That by itself will prevent abuses.. This function allow managers to set the limit of each type of expense, be it Expense Claims or procurement purchases. Once the limit is triggered, further entry will be declined. Effective use of this ensures that there are no abuses. Saving means more profit for the business.

Procurement Control
  • Purchase Request & Order Approval
Business revolve trade of product and services. Ie Buying and Selling. To ensure that procurement are carry out in accordance to procedures, compare prices and within limit. Their requestor, be in Finance, Superior. This function cater for all type of process flow for any procurement function within a company.
Approval Maintence
Approval process is an important functions whereby such matters as Purchases, Invoice, Credit Control, Travel permission, Staff annual Leave…etc require each staff superior or designated manager to approve them.  This function provide the options to define the type of Approval seek and also set up the process cycle with select personnel to approve and also back up person to do the approval.

Now, as manager, task in office can quickly carry out without waiting for manager to come back and sign.. He/she can electronically approve them while traveling anytime, anywhere.

Time Management System
This function provide a method for user to manage their daily time schedule. Identify the priority and bring focus at time of work is an important aspect of efficiency. Best performer know how to manage their work hours to ensure that all priority task are completed. This function facilitate and help to cultivate that behaviour.
Document Control with Expiry Reminder Control
All business operations, there is contracts, agreement and also host of document which are normally filed and kept in cabinets. These paper documents are important documents and it become crucial when the need arise to retrieve them. This function allow the scanning and filing electronic document to the i3TeamWorks Cloud Service.

Work Practises, Standard Operating Procedures documentation can be uploaded and revise at appropriate time, One important feature is the ability to tag Expiry date to the document, and system will automatically send reminders to relevant personnel for any renewal if needed.
Fixed Asset Management
This function allow maintaining all forms of fixed asset of a company, and also automatically calculate the amortisation value for each assets.  No more running around and search for asset listing at the point of audit.
Internal Messaging
This function provide an internal messaging platform whereby staff can communicate within the company without relying on external services like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line or others. Similar chat function is available for internal usage.
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i3TeamWorks Office Culture Modules
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In this issue:
  • Will a CRM System Increase Your Company’s Sales Revenue?
  • Daily Console Summary
  • Ai Assistance

Will a CRM System Increase Your Company’s Sales Revenue?

There are many tools that are available in the world, but the effectiveness of such tools depends on whether or not it is used properly. Be it a hammer or a software program, these tools can be extremely useful if wielded correctly, or can cause a negative outcome if not. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is one such example. If its too tedious to input accurate customer data into the CRM database, salespersons are wasting valuable time that could otherwise be used for prospecting. If customer data is inaccurate, it renders the CRM practically useless.

Many factors may contribute to a company’s success, but sales revenue is critical. As such, let us address this issue by addressing the people responsible for this, i.e. the sales team. At the same time, we would like to show you how i3TeamWorks incorporate CRM the intelligently incorporated into Salesforce management.

Time Consuming?

CRM requires data to be consistently updated. To do so, there is no alternative but to rely on the Salesperson for this important function. Time will have to be set aside to do this, and such time is sacrificed when it could be used for telemarketing or meeting with clients.

3TeamWorks provides an efficient alternative to time-wasting data entry. When salespersons make phone calls or visit customers with the aid of i3TeamWorks, the system will prompt them in real time to update the relevant details and information. Hence, there is no need to set aside time in office for these tasks.

Smart Phone Ready

i3TeamWorks Sales Culture Modules is smartphone ready. As a cloud-based service, this also means that any salesperson is able to access the system, provided they have mobile phone reception. Regardless of whether they want to add new customers or edit existing information, it is available at their fingertips

Customer Database & Common Pools

Customers already in the database can be assigned to members of the sales team. Alternatively, they can also choose from those customers that have not been assigned (the “common pool”).

Management are able to set limits to the maximum number of clients that each salesperson can hold, and if so, one has to give up to the common pool before one can take more. This is to prevent hoarding of customers, and also provided a level of fairness to the customers.


Updating In Real Time

With i3TeamWorks, calls to customers can be made directly from the database by just clicking on the details. Next, all details regarding the call are logged, and the system will prompt you to update your notes. Upon completion of the call, the system will ask for more updates, or to schedule the next phone call. All these details are lodged into the customer database.

During a sales visitation, the salesperson just has to “check-in” when at the customer’s site, and “check out” when the visitation is completed. Again, the system will prompt for notes to be updated, and the information is lodged into the customer database in real-time. With these two salesperson activities logged and monitored in real-time, the system effectively becomes a Personal Assistant. This will serve to improve customer service and sharpen the focus of the salesperson.

Daily Console Summary

As soon as salesperson logs in to i3TeamWorks, they will be presented with their daily console. They will have a plethora of information available, such as reminders of their scheduled calls, and a host of other information, which will be useful for them to continue their sales tasks. They will also be prompted to enter any additional information that may be deemed necessary.

Ai Assistance

Artifical Intelligence is built into i3TeamWorks which will scan data and  automatically remind a salesperson of the following:

  • Customers from Active Sales Pipeline
  • Customers with Account Code
  • Highly Rated Customers
  • Customers with Pending Payment
  • Customers in Work Flow
  • Customers in Manager Focus
  • Customers for Next Appointment
  • Customers who canceled Previous Appointment
  • Customers from Active Sales Pipeline
  • Customers with Overdue Collections

With the customer’s addressed lodged in the system, GPS positioning is kept in the customer database, thereby allowing the system to work out all customers within a certain location, so that the Ai can make suggestions for visitation. Ai can also identify customers that have not been contacted recently. As such, customers won’t be neglected.


The above is just a small part of i3TeamWorks, and how it will be able to work for you, and to increase sales revenue. i3TeamWorks other modules: Work Culture Modules and Office Culture Modules, are integrated into the system. Together with the Sales Culture Modules above, the CRM will be entirely complete.

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To ensure a Company to have a salesforce that execute a company’s sales strategy. Be it to cover an industry channels or to coverage of existing customer for repeated order.

A typical salesperson actually has 2 main task, phone calls and visit to customers. Both these task are important as it is where a sales opportunity happen. As such, proper management and guidance by CSM is important to ensure that salesperson direction are correct.

From data analytics point of view, all salesperson activities can be analyse in real time so that any deviation can be detected and overcome immediately. This save time and monis.

I3TeamWork provide a comprehensive data analytics to let you analyse what has been happening so that as CSM, you can take the corrective actions.

All these are available via the Sales Console

The above will show all activities for all Salesperosn (SP)

Detail look into the above show the activities for the past 7 days for any SP

Click on any SP name, will show that particular person detail activies as below

From the above will show the following

  1. How many was make to New Customer and Old Customer? If the requirement of the company is to get each salesman to call 60 calls. Then this SP did not perform as requested.
  2. How many appointment was make and how many he actually attended?
  3. How many new customer has has added to his portfolio?
  4. How many update he has done to the Customer Database, and whether he has follow the Customer Category Changes that a company prefix.

Further Click on the above "numbers" will show the actual details of each activities

Likewise, changes to the above Date range, will show the actual analysis over a period

Benefit of this Chart

A good salesperson will need to know how best to utilize his time. That also means that he has to perform good time management, and involve himself 100% of his time to do what he is been paid to do. Ie Call Customer and Visit Customer.

If any SP do not even do that, there is no point and this SP will not be exploring to open new customers , maintain existing customers.. and most important, he can not account for the time he spend to carry out his sales activities.