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Will a CRM System Increase Your Company’s Sales Revenue?

There are many tools that are available in the world, but the effectiveness of such tools depends on whether or not it is used properly. Be it a hammer or a software program, these tools can be extremely useful if wielded correctly, or can cause a negative outcome if not. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is one such example. If its too tedious to input accurate customer data into the CRM database, salespersons are wasting valuable time that could otherwise be used for prospecting. If customer data is inaccurate, it renders the CRM practically useless.

Many factors may contribute to a company’s success, but sales revenue is critical. As such, let us address this issue by addressing the people responsible for this, i.e. the sales team. At the same time, we would like to show you how i3TeamWorks incorporate CRM the intelligently incorporated into Salesforce management.

Time Consuming?

CRM requires data to be consistently updated. To do so, there is no alternative but to rely on the Salesperson for this important function. Time will have to be set aside to do this, and such time is sacrificed when it could be used for telemarketing or meeting with clients.

3TeamWorks provides an efficient alternative to time-wasting data entry. When salespersons make phone calls or visit customers with the aid of i3TeamWorks, the system will prompt them in real time to update the relevant details and information. Hence, there is no need to set aside time in office for these tasks.

Smart Phone Ready

i3TeamWorks Sales Culture Modules is smartphone ready. As a cloud-based service, this also means that any salesperson is able to access the system, provided they have mobile phone reception. Regardless of whether they want to add new customers or edit existing information, it is available at their fingertips

Customer Database & Common Pools

Customers already in the database can be assigned to members of the sales team. Alternatively, they can also choose from those customers that have not been assigned (the “common pool”).

Management are able to set limits to the maximum number of clients that each salesperson can hold, and if so, one has to give up to the common pool before one can take more. This is to prevent hoarding of customers, and also provided a level of fairness to the customers.


Updating In Real Time

With i3TeamWorks, calls to customers can be made directly from the database by just clicking on the details. Next, all details regarding the call are logged, and the system will prompt you to update your notes. Upon completion of the call, the system will ask for more updates, or to schedule the next phone call. All these details are lodged into the customer database.

During a sales visitation, the salesperson just has to “check-in” when at the customer’s site, and “check out” when the visitation is completed. Again, the system will prompt for notes to be updated, and the information is lodged into the customer database in real-time. With these two salesperson activities logged and monitored in real-time, the system effectively becomes a Personal Assistant. This will serve to improve customer service and sharpen the focus of the salesperson.

Daily Console Summary

As soon as salesperson logs in to i3TeamWorks, they will be presented with their daily console. They will have a plethora of information available, such as reminders of their scheduled calls, and a host of other information, which will be useful for them to continue their sales tasks. They will also be prompted to enter any additional information that may be deemed necessary.

Ai Assistance

Artifical Intelligence is built into i3TeamWorks which will scan data and  automatically remind a salesperson of the following:

  • Customers from Active Sales Pipeline
  • Customers with Account Code
  • Highly Rated Customers
  • Customers with Pending Payment
  • Customers in Work Flow
  • Customers in Manager Focus
  • Customers for Next Appointment
  • Customers who canceled Previous Appointment
  • Customers from Active Sales Pipeline
  • Customers with Overdue Collections

With the customer’s addressed lodged in the system, GPS positioning is kept in the customer database, thereby allowing the system to work out all customers within a certain location, so that the Ai can make suggestions for visitation. Ai can also identify customers that have not been contacted recently. As such, customers won’t be neglected.


The above is just a small part of i3TeamWorks, and how it will be able to work for you, and to increase sales revenue. i3TeamWorks other modules: Work Culture Modules and Office Culture Modules, are integrated into the system. Together with the Sales Culture Modules above, the CRM will be entirely complete.

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To ensure a Company to have a salesforce that execute a company’s sales strategy. Be it to cover an industry channels or to coverage of existing customer for repeated order.

A typical salesperson actually has 2 main task, phone calls and visit to customers. Both these task are important as it is where a sales opportunity happen. As such, proper management and guidance by CSM is important to ensure that salesperson direction are correct.

From data analytics point of view, all salesperson activities can be analyse in real time so that any deviation can be detected and overcome immediately. This save time and monis.

I3TeamWork provide a comprehensive data analytics to let you analyse what has been happening so that as CSM, you can take the corrective actions.

All these are available via the Sales Console

The above will show all activities for all Salesperosn (SP)

Detail look into the above show the activities for the past 7 days for any SP

Click on any SP name, will show that particular person detail activies as below

From the above will show the following

  1. How many was make to New Customer and Old Customer? If the requirement of the company is to get each salesman to call 60 calls. Then this SP did not perform as requested.
  2. How many appointment was make and how many he actually attended?
  3. How many new customer has has added to his portfolio?
  4. How many update he has done to the Customer Database, and whether he has follow the Customer Category Changes that a company prefix.

Further Click on the above "numbers" will show the actual details of each activities

Likewise, changes to the above Date range, will show the actual analysis over a period

Benefit of this Chart

A good salesperson will need to know how best to utilize his time. That also means that he has to perform good time management, and involve himself 100% of his time to do what he is been paid to do. Ie Call Customer and Visit Customer.

If any SP do not even do that, there is no point and this SP will not be exploring to open new customers , maintain existing customers.. and most important, he can not account for the time he spend to carry out his sales activities.