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Rate the Appraisal Report
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 12 Dec 2018

If you are one of the Commenter, you will receive a Notification to inform you that you need to Report Appraisal.

Click on the Notification link or follow below steps to Rate the Staff Performance according to the Appraisal Report.

1. From Main Dashboard go to Human Resource and select Monthly Appraisal Report

2. Tap on 

  • Click on button to View the Full Report
  • Select the Status or Grade accordingly.
  • Enter the Remarks
  • Click to complete the process


  • You may do multiple Report Grading and submit it all at once by click on button.
  • If you require further explanation from the Appraisee, select "Hold" and enter the Remarks column and Save the record. Appraisee will receive a Notification to put Comment on his Appraisal Report.