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Social Media Chat Link (SML)
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 1 Feb 2018

The system will sent out notification for various happening within the i3TW system. These notification can be further fine tune, both to enable or disable at user own choice. Notification can be redirected to WeChat, LINE or Telegram of user own choice.

With this, any user of i3TW can be truly mobile, by accessing using the smart phone.

To enable this, go to My Profile to bind i3Teamworks Notification to your Social Media.                          

1. Click on "Profile" icon  on the top right corner of every page.

2. Select My Profile from menu list 

3. Click on Personal Information tab

4. Look for Micro-Channel Binding. Click on the Telegram or LINE App, or both.


4. After binding is successful, go to  tab to enable Notification according to your preference and click .