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How To Make Action Progress
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 13 Feb 2019

Similar to Task, owner of this Action need to update the progress. There are few ways to update Action in Work Flow.

A) You can directly access to the Action via the Notification

If there is new Action assigned to you, you will get a Notification in your Notification Center. Click on it and it will bring you to the designated Action.

B) Another way is from you Main Dashboard Work Flow summary

From your Main Dashboard , click on any of the Work Summary box.

C) You also may use following method to get into your Work Flow.

From your Main Dashboard , select Works and then select Work Flow Tap on


1. Look for Action in Current Queue. Click on the Action Subject to start.

2. Click  button to start the Action.

3. Update the input for Action Check List & Linkage (if any). Once the input in confirmed, Tick on the Completion check box and SAVE.

4. Update the Progress by changing the Percentage and click on Progress button to save updates.

Latest updates will be shown accordingly in Action Details page

5. Once Action is completed, change the Prcentage to click on Progress button to save updates.

6. In case of the Action which require Verification, a Notification will be sent to the dedicated person. Learn how to Set Action Properties