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Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 24 Jul 2018

Q: Who can create Category and Template?

A: Super Admin and Admin


Q: Can I delete the Category?

A: No, you can't. You may Edit the Category Name or SET to Inactive. You are not able to link the Template to Inactive Category.


Q: Why Category is important. Can I create Template without Category?

A: It will help you to classify the Template and for easy Searching. Yes you can create a Template without assign to any Category.


Q: Can I delete the Template?

A: No, you can't. You may Edit the Template or SET to Inactive. You can't Create Work using Inactive Template


Q: How do I use the Template once I have work process to do?

A: It's called Create Work. Learn how to start.


Q: How do I know what is the Process Flow in each Template?

A: Click on the icon on top right of Create Work


Q: Who can create Work?

A: All User is able to Create Work.


Q: After I have Create Work, what is next step?

A: The Owner has to kick-start the Work Flow. Learn how to do this.


Q: What is "Owner" in Create Work?

A: An Owner is a person which has an authority to control the Process and Action within specific Work Flow. Only the Owner is able to start the Work to "In Progress" mode. Learn how to do this.


Q: How do I know if there is any Work or Action assigned to me?

A: You will be getting a notification in your notification center


Q: If I change the Template will it impact the previous Work which I have created?

A: No, the previous work remain. Newly edited Template will only reflect on the new Work you create.


Q: Does i3TW keep track on each progress made by the user

A: Yes, it will be recorded and show in trail.