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Step 2: Create Process
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 May 2018 3:36pm

After you have Create the Template, system will prompt you to Add Process as shown below.

1. Click on button in Template detail page

2. Below screen will appear. Enter the Process Detail.

Field Description

  • Name - Set the Process Name
  • Description - Write the description about this Process
  • PIC - Set the Person-in-Charge or owner for this Process. PIC has an authority to manage this Process properties.
  • Position - Set the Process Position/Order accordingly. Eg 1,2,3,4...
  • Require Completion

                  Yes – The Next Process will only started after this Process is completed (all Action on this Level has been Verified)

                  No – The Next Process will start at the same time as this Process

       Below option is only applicable when you set “Require Completion” to YES

  • Route - Set Next Process according to your SOP. By default, system will suggest "Next Process".
  • Alternate Route - This option only available if you have more than 1 Process in this Template.

3. Click button to complete the action

4. System will show all Process added as per below image.

To add more Process, click on "+"  button next to Template Name.

5. Finally, Create the Action for each Process.