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Step 1: Create Template
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 May 2018 2:33pm

The most important is to set the Work Flow Template according to the Organization SOP

Super Admin & Admin Level are allowed to Create or Edit the Work Flow Template.

If this is your first Template. kindly ensure you have set the Category

1. From your Main Dashboard , select Works and then select Work Flow

2. Tap on

3. Click on and


        Field Description

  • Template Name - Template Title / Name (a Common Name for a certain SOP)
  • Description - Brief description about this Template
  • Category - Choose from Category thay you have created earlier (above step)
  • Status - Set to Inactive if the SOP or Template no longer applicable     

4. Click button to complete the action

5. Template Details will be shown as below:


6. Next, Add Process (*Compulsory)

Click on button as shown above to add the Process into this Template. Learn how to Add Process