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System Concept
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 26 Jan 2018

In any working environment, tasks are issued according to one’s role and responsibility. In i3TW, Tasks are categorized by daily Adhoc Task, Meeting, as well as Monthly Task.

Some tasks are closely associated and linked to one Project undertaken in a company, regardless it is issued by your colleagues or superiors directly, or the task is related to your clients / customers.

In order to ensure that all tasks related to a project are on track and follow-up closely, we would recommend that you use this module. Utilising this module will result periodic assessment to be easily executed, and everybody involved in that particular project is able to view their project’s progress transparently.

You are able to use this module in these four simple steps: 
1. Create Project Clients (Customers)
2. Create Project
3. Create Milestones
4. Create Task under each milestone