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Create Milestones
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 29 Jan 2018 11:20am

A (Project) Milestone is a key action or an event marking in a project’s lifecycle. In a milestone, there are checkpoints in a project’s various stages of development for the purpose of evaluating that specific project’s progress and performance.

Aside from enabling a Project Milestone doable, our i3TW system enables user to insert Payment Collection task within a specific milestone’s timeframe or any part of the project’s stages of development. Our i3TW allows the user to divide and generate any number of Tasks to be completed as a milestone.

Here’s how you engage i3TW’s Project Milestone feature:

1. Go to Works and choose Project

2. Tap on and select the Project you wish to create a Milestone.

3. At Project Details, click on

4. Enter the information and Save


Milestone Reference & Prefix for Task Number - are optional to set.

Status - Set to "In Progress" for an active Milestone.