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Set Predefined Template
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 23 Mar 2018

Super Admin has to "Create" the template for each Request Type.

1. Go to Office  and choose 

2. Tap on

3. Categorize your Template here. Cick on tab and

After you have save the record, it will appear in a table as per below image. You may Edit or Delete the Category by clicking on the Category Title.

4. Create the Form Template and group it into Category (per set in step 3 above)

Click on tab

5. Build the Entry Form at

Please note that the system will auto redirect you to the User Entry setting page after you have done Step.4 (above)

Set the Required Details in the Form for user to fill in during the Application later on.

  • Set the "Position" of your questionare accordingly.

6. Finally click on

Set the appropriate person to Approve the request. Click on "Add New" to add stages.


  • Label - Label the Stage
  • Approver - Select a Person to Approve the application for this Stage
  • Backup Approver - Set the backup Approver