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Graphics & PDF Library
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 7 Mar 2018

Graphics & PDF Library allows you to upload and manage images and pdf file for your Marketing Campaign requirement.

Upload an image

Follow this procedure to upload an image to the Graphics & PDF Library:

1. From you Main Dashboard tap on Sales   and then click on Marketing Campaign

2. Click on the header for sub-modules

3. Click on 

4. Click at any folder you want to upload the images or PDF files, or click "Create Folder" to create new folder.

5. Click "Upload File" and choose you file

6. Click Upload

Image Requirements and Sizes:

  • Keep file sizes less than 1MB. Larger files load slowly.
  • File Format: PNG or JPG only.
  • Color Mode: RGB only.

Retrieve Image or PDF file name

Click at the image (in folder), and you will see the full file path and file name. Click at the file name to copy the whole string.