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Sales Target
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 5 Mar 2018

To evaluate Sales Person performance, set the Target for them to be achieved. The reports shall be viewed in Sales Summary

1. From your Main Dashboard, tap on SALES and click Setting

2. Click on User Name to set the target


  • If the User Name NOT listed, please add them here
  • User which has NO progress bar (as shown in above image) means they yet to have any target set. Proceed to item 3.

3. Set the target accordingly.

1. Activities - Set a Color code to represent this user. Later you may see the color code in employee's Activity Calendar

2. Focus Industry - Assign specific Industry for Sales Person to Focus


3. Monthly Revenue Target by Revenue Category - Set the Revenue Category before you start entering the Sales Target

4. Monthly Volume Target & KPI - Monthly Target can be linked to KPI. Learn how to set the KPI


5. Enter the target for Daily Score Card. View their achievement here.