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Create Quotation Template
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 1 Mar 2018

Before you start creating the Quotation template, you need to enter the Product into i3TW system. After you have the products pricing ready, follow below steps to create the template.

1. From your Main Dashboard, tap on SALES and click Quotation 

2. Tap on and click on

3. Choose the templete

  • By Product - Template may contain products from various Category and Brand.
  • By Category - Template will contain products from selected Category and Brand.

A. Template by Product

Tap on

  • Quotation Type - Set as Personal or Share. Share the template so that it is visible to other user and they can send it to their customer.
  • View Product Details, View Product Image, View Grand Total, View Quantity and Total - Set to "YES" to make this info visible in quotation template.

  • Valid Until - Set the validity period for this quotation.
  • Select Product - Add products into this template one-by-one. Click on "Add Item" to add on more products into the quotation.

B. Template by Category

Tap on


  • Brand and Category - Select products from specific Brand and Category. Learn how to set product Brand & Category here.