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What is KPI?
Posted by i3Teamworks Team on 27 Feb 2018

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) are a business metric used to evaluate objectives that are crucial to the success of a company. Many companies implement KPIs to measure their performance so that relevant strategies could be devised along with the course of action to take. What i3TeamWorks does is provide a transparent platform whereby all tasks related to one or more KPIs can be measured in Real Time. Staff and managers alike will be able to gauge at any point in time how near (or far) they are towards a KPI accomplishment.

i3TeamWorks can be implemented at any time. It is not compulsory for Task Management System (TMS) to have KPIs linked. Should they so wish, one can implement KPI modules at a later stage.

Implementation of KPIs will transform your company to be more focused, and at the same time improve accountability and collaboration among staff members toward a common goal. TMS & KPI applications in i3TeamWorks are the perfect daily tools for your company to achieve their full potential.