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Step 2: Create Meeting Agenda
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 21 Feb 2018

After you have create or schedule a new meeting, start entering the agenda. Meeting Agenda shall be entered in advance prior to the meeting OR shall be added during the meeting.

1. Go to Works  and choose Meeting 

2. Tap on

3. Click on Meeting Title

4. Enter the Agenda, Category, Type and click to save the record


  • Agenda – No need to number it. System will auto tag the numbering according to FIRST IN-FIRST OUT concept.
  • Position - Set the position or order of this Agenda
  • Category – To group the Agenda
  • Position - Set the position or order of this Category
  • Type - Mark or label each agenda whether it's Require Decision / Information / Problem Solving / Discussion
  • Decision – Output from the discussion. Normally to be updated during the meeting.

5. Click “Submit” button to save the record.

The Meeting Agenda will be listed as below, group by the "Category".

6. To add more agenda, click on