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Enable Location Access
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 19 Nov 2018

In order to use modules which related to GPS Location tracking such as Clock In and Clock Out, Check In and Check Out, user has to ensure that their browser has open access to the application.

Employees must choose “allow” in order for this feature to work. How to allow location tracking will differ depending on your browser. Below are some guide for most common browsers

  • iPhone (Safari)

To enable location tracking, go to your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and make sure to allow “Safari Websites” to access your location “While Using the App”. More info here

  • iPhone (Chrome)

    • Open your device’s settings app.
    • From the list, touch Chrome .
    • Touch Location.
    • Choose to either have Chrome never access your location, or allow Chrome access to your location only while using the app
    • More info here
  • Android (Chrome)
    • Open the Google Chrome app.
    • Touch the Chrome menu .
    • Touch Settings > Site settings > Location.
    • Use the switch to either have Chrome ask before accessing your location, or to block all sites from accessing your location.
    • Touch the specific blocked or allowed sites to manage exceptions.
    • More info here

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