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First Time Login & Setup
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 12 Dec 2018

After you have activated the i3T Account, as a Super Admin the first thing you need to set is the Company Profile, follow by Adding Company, Adding Department and Adding User.

On your first login, follow the guide as below.

Click on Please proceed to setup


In Quick Setup Page, begin with clicking the word here under Company Set Up


The Setup Page will open and follow the setup order as suggested below.

1. Setup Company General Information

  • This is an important setup and can only be done by Super Admin Level. It is a one time setup and controls applies to all Users within your i3TW account.



Important Field Explanation

  • Organization / Company - Will appear on your i3TeamWork Header
  • Address - Enter Company Address (For future billing purposes)
  • Postcode - Enter the postcode (For future billing purposes)
  • Country - Select the Country Menu Display -
  • Telephone & Email - (For future billing and notification purposes)
  • Task Management Title - Your i3TW Title (Will appear on your i3TeamWork Header)
  • Meeting Management Title - For future use
  • Default Language - Set a default Language for i3TW
  • Themes - Select your i3TW background Theme color
  • Menu Display - Opt for Colorful or Plain Menu icons
  • Payment Currency - (For future billing purposes)
  • Timezone - Set an appropriate TimeZone accordin to the Country setting
  • Device Lock - Set to "Active" to limit maximum of 5 devices per user login. Learn how to Manage Device here
  • Logo - Upload your Company Logo

2. Setup Subsidiaries (if applicable in your Subscription Package)

  • This is optional setting depending on the package you have subscribed.

3. Setup Department

  • Department Management is a system default and the first user who activate the i3TW account will be a Super Admin and assign to Management Department. This setting how ever, can be changed later.

4. Setup User Account

  • To add other User account and assign them to the specific Department and Superior. Also you can authorize them to access a specific Module which is consider P&C.