Common Data > General Settings
General Information
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 6 Mar 2018

1. From Main Dashboard go to Common Data  and select Setting 

2. Go to General tab


Super Admin to set the General Information about the Organization. The information will be used in i3TeamWorks platform


Important Field Explanation

  • Organization / Company - Will appear on your i3TeamWork Header
  • Address - Enter Company Address (For future billing purposes)
  • Postcode - Enter the postcode (For future billing purposes)
  • Country - Select the Country Menu Display -
  • Telephone & Email - (For future billing and notification purposes)
  • Task Management Title - Your i3TW Title (Will appear on your i3TeamWork Header)
  • Meeting Management Title - For future use
  • Default Language - Set a default Language for i3TW
  • Themes - Select your i3TW background Theme color
  • Menu Display - Opt for Colorful or Plain Menu icons
  • Payment Currency - (For future billing purposes)
  • Timezone - Set an appropriate TimeZone accordin to the Country setting
  • Device Lock - Set to "Active" to limit maximum of 5 devices per user login. Learn how to Manage Device here
  • Logo - Upload your Company Logo