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Add User Account
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 26 Feb 2018

1. From Main Dashboard go to Common Data  and select Setting 

2. Go to  and click

Below detais is important and should not be left empty

  • Full Name - Will be used in Human Resourse Module
  • Nick Name - Will be used widely in all modules
  • Email - To be used as Login Name in i3TW and to receive Notification.
  • Password - Set the password for First Time user. Should be left blank if you are editing other details.
  • Employment Date - Will be use to determine the Service Year in Human Resource Module

It is also important to set the Department, Immediate Superior, Level


The user level is to determine their ability to perform certain actions in i3Teamworks:

  • Super admin: Can do all the settings for all companies and access all reports for all companies
  • Admin: Can do all the settings for his company and access all report within the company they belongs to
  • Manager: Can access all reports for staffs and departments under their supervision
  • Normal User: Can only access to own properties

Set User as HOD (Head of Department) - Normally for User Level Manager and above                          

3. Click button to save the record.


  • After you have created the User, click on Email button (next to user profile) to send the details to each User.
  • System will send Login,Password and instructions for signing in to i3TW.
  • Users can reset their own password on a self-serve basis at their Profile page.