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Customer Referrer
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 28 Sep 2018

Tag your Customer to the Referrer which introduce them to you or your Company. This can only be done durin ADD Customer process.

In i3TW Referrer is classify as

  • User - Referrer is one of your employee (a Regstered user in i3TW)
  • Customer - Referrer is one of your existing Customer (registered in i3TW Customer database)

1. From your Main Dashboard, go to Common Data  and click on Customer

2. Click on

3. Before entering Customer Data, click on link to choose the Referrer

4. Choose Referrer type and enter the Name. Click SEARCH button

(Type in Customer Name - if you choose Referrer is existing Customer. Otherwise type Employee Name)

5. Select the Referrer and proceed by clicking on Add New Customer button 

6. Referrer Name will appear in Customer Form. Proceed to Enter the New Customer information