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Edit Customer Info
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 9 Mar 2018

You may update or edit  Customer information such as change Customer Category, change Souce, change Visitation Frequency, change Sharing etc. Follow below steps:

1. From your Main Dashboard, go to Common Data  and click on Customer

2. Click on Customer tab 

3. From Customer listing, click on "View" link.

Note: You may sort  the Customer according to the combinations of filters given:

  • Standard Filtering (Assign To specific SP / Customer Category / Customer Source / Customer Status / Area
  • Extra Filtering (Extra Field)
  • Search by Customer Name / Customer Code

4. To Update Customer information, click on  button



At Customer Detail Page, you can view other information realated to this Customer by clicking on the Functional button on top of it such as Contact/Branch/Subsidiary/Notes...