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Add New Customer
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 9 Mar 2018

Before start entering the Customer data, please follow below Setting

1. From your Main Dashboard, go to Common Data and click on Customer

2. Click on Add New Customer

Below are description of the customer form

Choose Referrer

  • Click on the hyperlink (Click here to choose referrer) to tag the Referrer of this new Customer

Customer Account Code  

Company Name

 - Enter the Company Name. Click Search button to check if the Customer Name is already registered/exist in your CRM.

Custome Category & Customer Source - Classify your Customer

Potential Rating - Rate your Customer 

Industry - Categorize your Customer by the Industries

 Phone - Office Phone / Mobile

Area - Group Customer by Area for effective Visitation planning

Address - Enter the Company address

Get Location - Set GPS Location of your Customer's Office

 To Visit Once every X days - Set a frequency of Visitation

Assign To - Owner of the Customer

Customer Status 

 - Classify your Active or Non-Active Customer or with other Difinition. Learn how to manage Customer Status Label


Manually share Customer among colleagues.

-From the Sharing List, tick on Employee Name whom you would like to share the Customer with. Learn how to enable the Sharing Option

  • Share Customer Information Only
  • Share All Details

Auto Sharing Customer

Automatically the Customer will be shared among all employees. Learn how to enable the Sharing Option


  • Field with * (asteric) - denotes important Field
  • Learn how to Set Required Field for this form.
  •  ADD MORE Information for Customers by using Extra Field

After you have successfully Add the Customer, please Add Contact as prompt by system