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System Concept
Posted by i3Teamworks Team on 31 Jan 2018

i3TW: Field Works is designed for your traveling staff members (i.e.: salespeople, human resource executives, dispatch riders or even managers). They are required to travel out from office to their field of work for work purposes. Field Works is designed to run on almost any mobile phone models (even the phone model as dated as per picture below), as Field Works is a robust tool meant to withstand field works handling. So long your phone is able to support a 3G (Third Generation) or 4G (Fourth Generation) data plan which gives extensive cellular network coverage, the Field Works Mobile Terminal will then work in your favour.

There are 2 elements regarding our i3TW Field Works System

1. On the Desktop Web version, one can key in their Field Work assignment by clicking on “Add Job” icon and also have Real Time feedback on their job status.

2. On the Mobile Phone version, i3TeamWorks Mobile allows your staff member to perform Real Time updates. Once your staff is on his/her way to their job on the field, i.e.: pick up a document / deliver goods to a client’s location, he/she will have to click “Start”. Once the job has been completed, he/she will have to click “End”. During your staff’s time at their field work, their job information along with their GPS Position at the “Start” and “End” locations are recorded.