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Step 1: Create Report Template
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 28 Feb 2018

i3TeamWorks helps you generate report forms automatically according to your schedule. To get started, you will need a template of the report form that you want generated automatically.

Only Super Admin and Admin level (HOD) is able to Create the Report Template and schedule it.

1. From your Main Dashboard, go to Office  and click on Scheduled Report

2. Tap on and click on

3. Choose Department

  • Super Admin - Can view Report Template from ALL Deparment across Company
  • Admin - Can view Report from Department he is in-charge of (HOD of the Department). Refer to User Setting to learn about HOD  



Key in all details as per your requirement and click Save button.

Follow Step 2 to complete the template


  • Select User - Person who require to submit the Report
  • CC List - CC the Report to HOD (Head Of Department)
  • Generate Every - Set the Report Scheduler Weekly / Monthly
  • Notification for Report Request - Elaborate your report request. Will be sent as Notification email body to recipient
  • Reminder Message- The requester can set the Reminder to be sent a few days before Report due date. This message will be sent as an email Notification to the recipient.