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Step 1: Set Leave Category
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 Jan 2018 9:49pm

This is the main setting to ensure you get the Leave Management system ready for use.

1. From your Main Dashboard, go to Human Resource and click on Leave Management

2. Tap on and select

3. To Add click on


Field Guide:


Annual Leave, Advance Leave, Medical Leave, Unpaid Leave, Compensation Leave, Maternity Leave, Emergency Leave...


1. Deduct from Annual Leave
2. Medical Leave
3. Compensation Leave
4. Do Not Deduct From Annual Leave

Note: Leave Type fall under Medical Leave and Compensation Leave will have it's own entitlement setting.

Minimum Day Submission

Negative value - allows "X" number of days back dated from the day he/she apply

Zero (0) - allow to apply on the same date

Positive value - user has to apply at least "X" number of days ahead

Allow Negative Balance

To allow user to be able to apply leave even though thier Leave Entitlement has been fully utilize. By having this feature system will record a negative balance under Annual Leave entitlement pool.