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Training provides opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees, but many employers find the development opportunities expensive. Employees may miss out on work time while the time neede...
Tap on Create Training and enter the information requested. Set the other parameter such as Venue, Type,  Status of this training and Attendees.  
The Attendees will receive a notification upon creation of New Training event.
On Training Dashboard, select the Training topic you about to send the invitation In Training Details dashboard, click on sending invitation link.
On Training Dashboard, select the Training topic. Click on Edit button to proceed  
On Training Dashboard, select the Training topic. When training started, update the status to In Progress After the training ended, update it to End This Training
Scedule next training withour hassle by duplicating the completed event. Click on +Schedule Following Training and it's done.   Amend any of the details by editing it.
Print the attendance record from i3TW system.
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