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Attendance Concept
Posted by i3Teamworks Team on 31 Jan 2018

Each company use different Attendance Recording system to monitor Staff Punctuality and also to facilate Payroll process.

Reliable, consistent attendance is a requirement and essential function of all staff positions. Employees are expected to be punctual and dependable in order to meet the needs of their department. When employees are absent or tardy, work and service are interrupted and an additional burden is placed on colleagues. Attendance and reliability are important factors in evaluating individual performance and continued employment.

Attendance Clock In

Records of Staff Attendance, worked hours, leave are important information for Managers when they want to assess Employee Work Performance Appraisal.

i3TW Attendance features not only provide basic clock-In & clock-Out functions where staff can Clock-In and Clock-Out via Smartphone, it also keeps records of daily hours worked, total leave taken by each employee.

For instance, to view today's attendance, go to Human Resource and click on Attendance