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Clock In & Clock Out
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 18 Sep 2018

Daily Attendance - Clock In & Clock Out

Staff no longer need to queue up to perform clocking in or out. With Mobile Web App, they are able to click and clock in anytime , anywhere. Once register, manager is able to be informed whether which staff are available and who else are on leave.

With the ability to set up perimeters or area where the Clock in or Out is allow to be activated., this also means that for staff on the field, is able to clock in when they goes outside office.

This is especially useful for company with large workforce on the field or oversea, as there is no longer need to call to check whether the staff concern is on leave or otherwise.

To start using Clock In system, learn how to allow your browser to detect the GPS location. See this topic Enable Location Access

To Clock In

1. Go to Main Dashboard  and click Clock In 

2. Click Clock In button

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To Clock Out

1. Go to Main Dashboard  and click Clock In

2. Click Clock Out button