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Set Shift Working Group
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 15 Mar 2018 8:32am

1. From your Main Dashboard, go to Human Resource and click on Attendance

2. Select and then follow the steps given below

Step1. Set Working Day

-Specify the standard/normal working days according to your company policy.

  • Tap on
  • Tick Working Days and click button


Step2. Set the working time frame for item 3 above

  • Tap on
  • Set Start Time, End Time, Min Hour and Break Time
  • Click Submit button

Step3. Set Shift Group

-Applicable for user working on shift. System will be able to denote the selected user is on shift in the attendance record.

  • Tap on and choose
  • Create the Working Group Name and Set the Working Timing. Click Submit button


Step4. Select the user into the Shift group

  • Tap on and choose 
  • To Add User into this Shift Group, click on


  • Set Shift Group, Start Date, End Date for this User
  • Also set whether OT is Allowed
  • Click button to save this record