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Sales Activities Analysis
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 18 Jul 2019 10:55am

Sales Activities Analysis is based on the selected Start Date & End Date

Tick on the check box to scope down your analysis results based on below extra criteria:

  • New Customer - Customer added into CRM between the date
  • Telemarketing - Telemarketing Calls made between the date
  • Activities - Customer Visitation between the date
  • Pipeline Sales - Sales Lead created between the date
  • Sales Order - Sales Order created between the date


a) The Summary are based on Date only. It does not reflect if you choose other criteria

b) The Details Analysis Result (in table form) will be based on the above chosen criteria (all criteria are met).


1. From your Main Dashboard, tap on SALES click on Sales Console

2. Tap on 

3. Set appropriate criteria and Submit