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Visitation & Activities Concept
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 Jan 2018

It is no surprise that a sales personnel’s major job function is to do sales. One of the activities a salesperson do is make sales call, be it by telemarketing on the phone or visit their prospective client on site.

Successful sales do not solely rely on how knowledgeable, charismatic or persuasive a salesperson is with his/her live sales pitch – it depends on the sales personnel’s organising skills and preparation efforts invested in it. Erratic schedules and poorly-planned activities will result in less or no sales, which will reflect badly on the sales personnel’s performance during evaluation time. Hence, this module was introduced to solve such problems a salesperson might encounter in his/her daily routine. SLAM Visitation almost works like a professional diary for the sales personnel – it chronicles a salesperson’s plans, sales activities and accompanying comments and notes. This will be a valuable organiser for any sales personnel wanting to be more productive at their job.

As far as sales activities are concerned, sales personnel generally perform the following:-


Also, this system allows the option of taking photo of meeting location compulsory for sales personnel at every new visitation (applicable to Mobile version only).