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Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 Jan 2018

The purpose of this module is to be an ideal tool for sales personnel always on the go – facilitate plans on all their telemarketing activities. This module has 2 versions

  • The Mobile version that can be viewed on your phone; and
  • The Web version that can viewed on your laptop and desktop computer.


The Mobile’s version Contacts Directory will be initially displayed. The salesperson can list by Contact Category, where all their customer contact details are lined up accordingly. Upon selecting the contact they wishes to connect, the phone will automatically dial the number on behalf of the salesperson.

Upon finishing the phone call, the salesperson is able to plan the next call. The salesperson is also able to access his/her customer’s records and insert comments in Real Time about the salient points discussed during the phone conversation.

The Dash Board also plays an additional function – it could act as a reminder to inform the sales personnel about what they have originally planned so that they will not missed anything of importance during a telemarketing activity.