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Add New Sales Lead
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 Jan 2018 8:42pm

Salespeople can update sales opportunities by updating the Sales Leads and keep track of its progress via Sales Pipeline. Every sales opportunity will not be neglected.

  • Enable a holistic view of each salesperson’s performance.
  • Sales team is able to view all sales opportunities at any one time.
  • Track, update and manage all sales processes from start to end.
  • Dashboard view of monthly sales lead.
  • Manage all opportunities received from various sources.
  • A systematic manner of handling sales opportunities to turn them into revenue.

General Sales Cycles for sales leads are divided into these stages as below:

  • New
  • Initiate Contact
  • Follow Up
  • Proposal
  • Negotiation
  • Close
  • Delivered
  • Loss


Add a Case Basis Sales Lead

i) Search the Customer


ii) Enter the information requested

*Revenue Category is controlled in the Program Setting