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Sales Pipeline Concept
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 13 Feb 2018

Competent sales personnel would persistently seek sales opportunities daily.

He/she would know that to materialise such opportunities, harnessing his/her resources well from friends, customers’ referrals and media campaigns are vital.

With proper management of these opportunities and resources without compromising on good work ethics, a salesperson’s work performance will take him/her far up the career ladder.

Salespeople can update sales opportunities by updating the Sales Leads and keep track of its progress via Sales Pipeline. Every sales opportunity will not be neglected.

  • Enable a holistic view of each salesperson’s performance.
  • Sales team is able to view all sales opportunities at any one time.
  • Track, update and manage all sales processes from start to end.
  • Dashboard view of monthly sales lead.
  • Manage all opportunities received from various sources.
  • A systematic manner of handling sales opportunities to turn them into revenue.