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Update Customer Info
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 23 Feb 2018

Update Customer information such as Contacts, Branch, Subsidiaries, Sales Lead, Proposal, Visitation, etc..

1. From your Main Dashboard, tap on SALES  and click Customer

2. Search by specific Customer Name and click button. (Not necessary to type in full name of your customer)

3. From Customer listing table, click on Company Name to view details

4. At Customer Detail page, click on  button


Below are some tips how you can use the Filters for better search result.

a) To List All customer just click button (leave the filter to it's default value)

b) To List by specific category, choose any of the option and click button

  • By Customer Status
  • By Owner (Assign To)
  • By Account Code (Applicable for subscription to Accounting Module)
  • By Customer Category. Learn how to set Customer Category
  • By Selected Date (When Customer data is entered into i3TW database)

c) Search by specific Customer Name (leave the filter to it's default value). Type in the keyword and click button