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Step 3: Limitation Setting
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 21 Feb 2018 4:54pm

To have a better report analysis, managers or superior may do below settings for Check In, Telemarketing Call and Customer data management. However below setting is Optional

1. From your Main Dashboard, tap on SALES  and click Program Settings 

2. Tap on 


Check In Maximum Radius

  • System will be able to differentiate Check In activity within or outside of radius from customer location
  • Click here to preview the Report

Telemarketing Minimum Call Length

  • Telemarketing Report will tabulate calls made above the maximum call length set
  • Click here to preview Report

Maximum Number of Customer Total

  • Each Sales Person (Assign To) shall not have total customer assigned to her/him above the maximum number set in this system
  • Below is example they system prompt the available Customer allocation for each user

       Note: Super Admin / Admin / Allow User is not bound by this rules.