Office Culture
System Concept
Posted by i3Teamworks Team on 31 Jan 2018

Office Automation - The Paperless Office in a Smart Way.

The New Office Culture

In today business, the conventional backoffice function remain the same, for audit purpose as well as control purpose. With the advent of Computer, Networking, Internet and now Smart Phone, staff is no longer needed to stay at desk to do the daily chores anymore..

i3TeamWorks embodies 3 main focus area of business. Work Culture, Sales Culture & Office Culture. This is where i3TeamWork excel in linking these 3 main component into a Complete Solution for business of any type

In backoffice, the following are daily affairs that need to be dealt with

  • Daily Attendance - Clock in/out
  • Human Resource
  • Document Centre
  • Approval Centre
  • Purchase Control
  • Customer HelpDesk
  • Staff Memorandum
  • News & Announcement
  • Smart User Level Control
  • Social Media Chat Link (SML)


Daily Attendance - Clock In/Out

Staff no longer need to queue up to perform clocking in or out. With Mobile App, they are able to click and clock in anytime , anywhere. Once register, manager is able to be informed whether which staff are available and who else are on leave.

With the ability to set up perimeters or area where the Clock in or Out is allow to be activated., this also means that for staff on the field, is able to clock in when they goes outside office.

This is especially useful for company with large workforce on the field or oversea, as there is no longer need to call to check whether the staff concern is on leave or otherwise.

Human Resources

From time to staff, staff goes on leave for various reasons. Keeping track of all these become an mundane task to track. Staff at the same time, would like to know their balance of leave to plan for the holiday or some urgent personal matters to attend to. This module allow staff to apply on leave and the user defined Approval Process will take control.. To route to designate superior to approve such leaves. At the same time, the system will keep track their balance of leave.

Document Centre

A central depository for all documents to be scan and kept in softcopy. Each document, one can defined who can share this document.

With unique features, one can set the expiry date of the document and remind the owner to renew if it is an agreement or contracts.

Approval Centre

An important function of any business operations to control as well as for audit purposes and these function are entrusted to managers to handle. All function such as Leave Application, Purchases, Expense Claims, Vendor Approval, Customer Approval, Credit Approval..etc

With SML Link, all notification of seeking approval can be routed to WeChat, Telegram, LINE or Facebook Messenger to be approved anytime, anywhere.

This effectively means, business operation will be speed up any approval can be soughed timely.

Purchase Control

Daily operation require staff to acquire services or product from various vendors.

From Purcahse Request to iIssuance of Purcahse Order. , a business commit to vendor the purchases. With appropriate control, check and balance, a business can save hard earned money and use them efficiently. At the same time, any business will entrust appropraite limit to the manager what they can approve and the budget limit.

With user defined setting, Link with Approval Centre, these processes are carry out inteligently by the system.

Customer HelpDesk

Daily, phone calls, email, social media.. There are generally 2 type of calls. Namely, Support or Sales Enquiry. Normally, these information is passed onto respective personnel to handle and resolve. Any mistake or oversight by any personnel create bad customer experience.

To resolve that, this module allows all calls to be logged, and will be channel to user define personnel to handle, Integrate with i3TeamWork Core module or i3TeamWork SLAM modules, the designated staff can then channel or delegate to person in charge.

With quick and efficient response, will help build better customer experience.

Staff Memorandum

To manage staff, is the most important aspect of a business. Periodically, notices, warning letter or even final notices are conveyed to staff. This aspect of operation create a lot of works, as notices are need to be filed, and later search for them become a mundane task

With this module, user is able to create various type of memo, and set it up in such a way that the recipient are notified to read them. Once read, it will be marked as acknowledgement.

Alert setting can be defined to send notification to recipients to remind, set warning alert to make sure that the staff actually read and acknowledge them

News & Announcement

Appear on the DashBoard, News or Announcement for company to make known to all personnel or a certain department. Once the user logon, selected news or announcement which they are entitled to read will appear on their DashBoard.

This will help to provide a transparent working environment as everyone will not missed out on what is happening lately.

Smart User Level Control

With extensive User Level access rights control, super admin to the i3TW can defined user access rights, and select which modules a user is allow to access for security reason.. With System and Program Setting, it is highly configuratble to suit each company requirement.

To further secure the system, Super Admin can restrict any user to access from. The system can be configure that user is only able to login from certain devices. This protect the user account being accessed from unknown devices in case they have lost their login/password

Social Media Chat Link (SML)

The system will sent out notification for various happening within the i3TW system. These notification can be further fine tune, both to enable or disable at user own choice. Notification can be redirected to WeChat, LINE , Telegram or Facebook Messenger of user own choice.

With this, any user of i3TW can be truly mobile, by accessing using the smart phone.