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Create Subtask
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 1 Feb 2018

Subtasks live within tasks and can help you divide your tasks into smaller action items. Subtasks have the same attributes as regular tasks so you can give each subtask their own due date, assignees, status, and more.

Use subtasks to:

  • better track a task's progress. See what percentage of subtasks have been completed and use that information to understand how much work still needs to be done.
  • assign subtasks so that each team member (or team members) can mark their subtask complete without changing the statuses of their teammate’s tasks.

How to create subtask:

1. Go to Works and choose Task Management

2. Tap on

3. Click on Task Title

4. Open the Task Detail Page and click on


Monitor the subtask from the Main Task:


  • You can't update the main task to "100% Complete" if there's uncomplete subtask.
  • You can remove the subtask from it's main task.
  • You can't add back subtask that has been removed.
  • You can't add subtask to a completed task.