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Scheduled Task
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 26 Jan 2018 11:53am

This is a Task Sceduler. Set the parameter once and it will auto generate or create the task every month according to the setting.

Paremeter to set such as:

  • Assignee - Whom you want to assign the task
  • Frequency:

i) Everyday on specific time
ii) Specific day of the week (Mon-Sun)
iii) Specific day of Month (1st - 31st)

1. Go to Works and choose Schedule Task

2. Tap on

3. Enter the Scheduler Detail as requested. Click to save the scheduler setting.

All scheduled task will be auto-generated by first day of the month.

Important Note:

Below is the Scheduler Frequency. Set accordingly.

i) If you have a routine job to be perfom every day from 9am to 10am, suggested setting as below:

ii) If you have a weekly routine job every Tuesday which require 2 hours for completion, suggested setting as below:

iii) If you have a monthly routine job every 25th of the month and it will took approximate 2 days to be completed, suggested setting as below:

4. To view Sceduler List, click on

If the scheduler no longer valid, you may Delete or Edit the details accordingly.

Below is a sample how a weekly task shown in your calendar.