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Customize Email Notification
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 25 Feb 2019 5:17pm

System will send a Notification for each action such as New Task Assignment, Update on Task, Verification Request etc..Hence, we profide a ficility for you to craft your own Email Notification (with some restriction) for each occasion.

1. Go to Work  and choose Setting 

2. Tap on

3. Choose any of these Section :

New Task - A Notification to inform Assignee or Person In Charge about new task assignment

New Comment - As anyone post a comment in your task, you will be getting the notification

Verification Request - Upon Task Completion, the dedicated person will get a Verification Request notification

You may amend text which is not within the "#" sign. That is meant for System parameter. However, if there is no changes to the default setting, system will still functioning well.

Change the TEXT and click button