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Step 1: Create Template
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 May 2018

Super Admin & Admin Level are allowed to Create or Edit the Work Flow Template.

Set the Work Flow Title and Description. Choose the Category for this template

1. From your Main Dashboard , select Works and then select Work Flow

2. Tap on

3. Click on and


        Field Description

  • Template Name - Template Title / Name (a Common Name for a certain SOP)
  • Description - Brief description about this Template
  • Category - Choose from Category thay you have created earlier (above step)
  • Status - Set to Inactive if the SOP or Template no longer applicable     

4. Click button.


After template is created, you may choose either to

A) Set the Template details requirement. Click here to learn how to set Template Properties


B) Create Process

Click on button as shown below. Learn more about Add Process