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Set Template Properties
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 31 May 2018

What is Template Properties?

Template Properties is other information which is necessary or relevent to be included in the Work Flow. The Work Flow properties is to be fill in by the Work Flow owner when they use the work flow.

Don't forget to do Step 1: Create Template before you can set the Template Properties.

1. From your Main Dashboard , select Works and then select Work Flow

2. Tap on

3. Click on . Search the Template Name and click button

There are 3 section of properties

  1. General Information
  2. Additional Field
  3. Linkage

i) General Information - is the information that you have enter in Step 1: Create Template


ii) Additional Field - Input Request


iii) Linkage to other modules within i3TW


Note: Use Link To if you want to link this Work Flow to other module within the i3TW such as Task Management, Sales Lead, Purchase Requisition, Customer , etc

Check on this topic: Create Work to see how the Additional Field and Linkage is displayed in Create Work form.