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Continuous Assessment & Achievement
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 28 Feb 2020

Continuous Assessment & Achievement

In day to day management, coaching & training is a very important function to enable staff to be able to perform to the fullest capabilities.

Many a times, some Manager will always complain that he has already provided training and the subordinate still have no knowledge, or don’t perform in accordingly.

Take the case of on field training, when a sales manager or senior take a new Salesperson on the field, he will able to identify certain weakness and area which the new Salesperson need to improve. Likewise in office environment, hand holding is also a common practice, but all these communication are direct to the new staff concern.

If so, how to prevent the same staff make the same mistake again?

i3TeamWorks : Continuous Assessment & Achievement is design with the above in mind. As a management tools to help Managers to be transparent and jogged down their expectation from their subordinates.

During the course of any staff employment, there are session whereby appraisal happen, be it positive comments or expectation.,  staff need to know. Their improvement need to be appreciated. If it’s conducted across the board, it will drive every staff to move to excellences.

In the modules, Managers will be able to create Assessment Category, eg.. During Probation, On Field Hand Holding  or Training …etc..

Manager or the new staff superior can then, create Assessment or Expectation,  write down the shortcoming and expectation.. set the next assessment date to judge whether the staff has achieved that expectations..

At the same time, the staff can comment and acknowledge the Assessment issue to him/her.

The system will automatically send Alert to the manager when it is time to Re-assessed the assessment.. and mark them as Good or Point Rewards etc..

The same module can be used in situation such as setting Assessment for any new staff to achievement before any employment confirmation.  For example, gaining 10 crucial assessment point only then he/she can be confirmed

If implement, will ensure that all new staff know what they need to achieve clearly and transparently.