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Create Task Scheduler
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 26 Jan 2018

This is a Task Scheduler. Set the parameter and it will auto generate or create the task every month according to the setting.

**All scheduled task will be auto-generated by first day of the month.

1. Go to Works and choose Schedule Task

2. Tap on

3. Enter the Scheduler Detail as requested. Click to save the scheduler setting.

Important Note:

Paremeter to set such as:

  • Assign To - Whom you want to assign the task
  • Frequency:

i) Everyday on specific time
ii) Specific day of the week (Mon-Sun)
iii) Specific day of Month (1st - 31st)

Below is the Scheduler Frequency. Set accordingly.

i) If you have a routine job to be perfom every day from 9am to 10am, suggested setting as below:

ii) If you have a weekly routine job every Tuesday which require 2 hours for completion, suggested setting as below:

iii) If you have a monthly routine job every 25th of the month and it will took approximate 2 days to be completed, suggested setting as below:

4. To view Sceduler List, click on

If the scheduler no longer valid, you may Delete or Edit the details accordingly.

Below is a sample how a weekly task shown in your calendar.