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Activity Summary
Posted by i3Teamworks Admin on 19 Aug 2019

G) Activities

Planned Activities is the numbers of activities that has been planned within the selected date range, including all status whether it is completed or canceled. The Completed Activities indicate the total number of activities that has been completed within the selected date range. It is also show the total time spent on the activity.

Note: The total time spent is calculated from the check In and check out details.

Click on Analysis to view the behavior report.

Canvassing report show for any activities that is not link to any customer. It will show the total number of canvassing and total time spent on the canvassing. The blank record means there is no canvassing made by this sales person.

Future Plan Activities is calculated when the scheduled activity start date is not in the same day of the data entry. This is to encourage the sales person to plan their activities ahead.